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Captain Singleton
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Captain Singleton

Defo Daniel

Проза, Классическая Проза, Боевики, Детективы, Книги о приключениях

  • Язык: Английский

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Captain Singleton — краткое содержание книги
Having stocked ourselves here with flesh and root as much as we could well carry, we divided the burthens among our negroes, appointing about thirty to forty pounds weight to a man, which we thought indeed was load enough in a hot country; and the negroes did not at all repine at it, but would sometimes help one another when they began to be weary, which did happen now and then, though not often; besides, as most of their luggage was our provision, it lightened every day, like Aesop's basket of bread, till we came to get a recruit.--Note, when we loaded them we untied their hands, and tied them two and two together by one foot.

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