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O Henry

   O Henry
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Краткая информация об авторе ПЕРСОНАЛЬНЫЙ САЙТ АВТОРА

[псевдоним; настоящее имя - Уильям Сидней Портер (Porter) ] (11.09.1862 года - 05.07.1910 года) - американский писатель, автор более 280 рассказов, скетчей, юморесок.

Уильям Сидней Портер родился в городе Гринсборо,штат Сев. Каролина,США.Жизнь его была нерадостной с самого детства. Трёх лет от роду он лишился матери. Отец, бедствующий провинциальный врач, во вдовстве запил и быстро превратился в никчёмного алкоголика.

В конце 1903 г. О. Генри подписал контракт с нью-йоркской газетой "World" на еженедельную сдачу короткого воскресного рассказа – по 100 долларов за штуку. Этот гонорар по тем временам был очень хорош. Годовой заработок писателя равнялся доходам популярных американских романистов.

Но лихорадочный темп работы мог убить и более здорового человека, чем О.Генри, который в силу характера не отказывал и другим периодическим изданиям.

За 1904 год О. Генри напечатал 66 рассказов, за 1905-й – 64. Иногда, сидя в редакции, он дописывал сразу два рассказа, а рядом переминался редакционный художник в ожидании, когда можно будет приступить к иллюстрациям.

Последние недели жизни О. Генри провёл в одиночестве в нищем гостиничном номере. Он изболелся, много пил, уже не мог работать. На 48-м году жизни в нью-йоркской больнице он ушёл в иной мир, в отличие от своих героев так и не получив чудесную помощь свыше.

Похороны писателя вылились в настоящий огенриевский сюжет. Во время панихиды в церковь ввалилась весёлая свадебная компания и не сразу поняла, что придётся подождать на паперти.

O Henry: книги автора

I The Last Of The Troubadours O Henry свободный доступ

Inexorably Sam Galloway saddled his pony. He was going away from the Rancho Altito at the end of a three-months' visit. It is not to be expected that a guest should put up with wheat coffee and biscuits yellow-streaked with saleratus for longer than...

The Four Million O Henry свободный доступ

Tobin and me, the two of us, went down to Coney one day, for there was four dollars between us, and Tobin had need of distractions. For there was Katie Mahorner, his sweetheart, of County Sligo, lost since she started for America three months before...

The Gift Of The Magi O Henry свободный доступ

One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one's cheeks burned with the silent imputation of...

The Gentle Grafter O Henry свободный доступ

I asked Jeff, jestingly, if he had ever, during his checkered, plaided, mottled, pied and dappled career, conducted an enterprise of the class to which the word "trust" had been applied. Somewhat to my surprise he acknowledged the corner.

Murray dreamed a dream O Henry свободный доступ

Murray was waiting in his cell in the ward of the condemned. An electric arc light in the ceiling of the corridor shone brightly upon his table. On a sheet of white paper an ant crawled wildly here and there as Murray blocked its way with an...

The Rose Of Dixie O Henry свободный доступ

When The Rose of Dixie magazine was started by a stock company in Toombs City, Georgia, there was never but one candidate for its chief editorial position in the minds of its owners.

Heart Of The West O Henry свободный доступ

Baldy Woods reached for the bottle, and got it. Whenever Baldy went for anything he usually--but this is not Baldy's story. He poured out a third drink that was larger by a finger than the first and second. Baldy was in consultation; and the...

Law and Order O Henry свободный доступ

Now, this process is so different from ordinary human baptism that it deserves a word of itself. A vast iron cauldron with half the fires of Avernus beneath it is partly filled with water that soon boils furiously. Into that is cast concentrated...

Roads Of Destiny O Henry свободный доступ

The song was over. The words were David's; the air, one of the countryside. The company about the inn table applauded heartily, for the young poet paid for the wine. Only the notary, M. Papineau, shook his head a little at the lines, for he was a...

Strictly Business O Henry свободный доступ

I suppose you know all about the stage and stage people. You've been touched with and by actors, and you read the newspaper criticisms and the jokes in the weeklies about the Rialto and the chorus girls and the long-haired tragedians. And I suppose...

The Trimmed Lamp O Henry свободный доступ

Of course there are two sides to the question. Let us look at the other. We often hear "shop-girls" spoken of. No such persons exist. There are girls who work in shops. They make their living that way. But why turn their occupation into an...

The Voice of the City O Henry свободный доступ

Twenty-five years ago the school children used to chant their lessons. The manner of their delivery was a singsong recitative between the utterance of an Episcopal minister and the drone of a tired sawmill. I mean no disrespect. We must have lumber...

Waifs and Strays O Henry свободный доступ

Espirition, the Mexican, who had been sent forty miles in a buckboard from the Espinosa Ranch to fetch it, returned with a shrugging shoulder and hands empty except for a cigarette. At the small station, Nopal, he had learned of the delayed train...

Whirligigs O Henry свободный доступ

A favourite dodge to get your story read by the public is to assert that it is true, and then add that Truth is stranger than Fiction. I do not know if the yarn I am anxious for you to read is true; but the Spanish purser of the fruit steamer _El...

Cabbages And Kings O Henry свободный доступ

They will tell you in Anchuria, that President Miraflores, of that volatile republic, died by his own hand in the coast town of Coralio; that he had reached thus far in flight from the inconveniences of an imminent revolution; and that one hundred...

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